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 Rules and FAQ

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PostSubject: Rules and FAQ   Rules and FAQ EmptySat Feb 04, 2012 11:44 am

Hi, welcome to the Zeldarepublic forums, I am owner and webmaster Herman. Here to go over the forum rules, and make a little FAQ for you.

Here are the rules, which will result you earning points if broken, if you earn 10 points, you are Banned forever.

NecroPosting(Reviving Old Topics, or "Bumping" old ones) Will result in a 0 to 1 point infraction.

Flaming(Deliberately pissing someone off relentlessly) will result in a 4 point infraction.

Posting in the wrong forum(As in posting about the grass temple in OoT in the new members board) if you are an experienced forum user, you will receive a warning, and if it happens again after a received warning from a moderator or an Administrator, you will be temporarily banned from that specific forum. However, if you are new here, we will let go, and move your thread to the appropriate forum.

Pornographic and/or crude images or speech will result in a 10 point infraction(An insta-ban.)

Multiple accounts will result in a 5 point infraction.

About Warnings

When you are seen breaking any of the rules above, you will be given a formal warning by a forum staff member, which expires after a certain amount of time, if you are seen breaking any rules again during that time, you will receive an infraction. Numbers depend on what we think is fair, and what is listed above.

Forum FAQ

Q: How do I become a Moderator?

A: Alright, first off. Don't Ask. This implies that you expect us to want you. And people who take power for granted, are certainly going to abuse it. Moderators are chosen by staff and will be contacted if they find them qualified.

Q: Who do I ask to lock threads for me?

A: A Moderator, an Administrator (And depending on who, a Webmaster). These are all people who have forum privaleges, so don't ask regular site staff or code wizards to lock or edit threads for you.

Q: Where do I report bugs and glitches?

A: You could choose to message a Webmaster or Code Wizard. Or you could post it in the "Questions, suggestions, and Feedback" Forum.

Q: Will there be clans and such on these forums?

A: Yes, we are working on it.

Please refrain from writing like this:

tis is grate fourmds to hang in evry dae

It can annoy people and may be hard for people to understand.

Get writing typing!
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Rules and FAQ
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